Born to Dance

If you are looking for a top professional dancer and a breathtaking dance show - You are at the right place!

Wenn Sie suchen nach einer Top professionelle Tänzerin und einen atemberaubenden Tanzauftritt - Sie sind hier richtig!

Bellydance by international dancer Cora Turner


Top Bellydance Shows with Cora Turner

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Cabaret | Musical

Cora Turner performs in a variety of dance styles! 

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Sensual & Elegant

The perfect balance between sensuality and elegance with the exotic artist Cora Turner.

Experience in Music Videos & TV

If you are looking for a photogenic professional dancer for your project, look no further than Cora Turner. Cora is reliable, creative and will bring your music to life with her inspiring movements and extraordinary technique!

Authentic, Professional and Energetic 

Bellydance Shows

- Authentic Bellydance Shows for big and smaller events.

- The Highlight for your party, wedding or corporate event.

- Family-friendly entertainment

- Top Bellydance Shows not only in Germany but worldwide.


For Information in German: 

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Dance Shows



Modern dance

Flamenco & Latin Fusion



Jazz Dance & Contemporary

Cabaret & modern Burlesque


International Dancing Shows

- The amazing Cora Turner shows can be booked all over the globe. Whether you are looking for a professional and attractive dancer for your music video or a high quality culturally appropiate show to impress your guests, Cora should be your top choice. A tailor-made show programme will be created for your event. The show is garanteed to bring the passion and enthusiasm to your event!


Send us the details and location of your event to info@coraturner for a quotation. 

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Stage performance 2023

Bauchtanz Show mit Cora Turner

Arabische Bauchtanz-Show

Authentische und professionelle Tanzshows mit der eleganten Bauchtänzerin Cora Turner.

Top Atmosphäre mit Cora Turner

Die Gute Vibes sind mit Cora immer garantiert!